I don’t know a lot about women,, as many have said she is hard to understand and you probably never will, but I’ll tell you of one of the greatest fights she has to fight. Not with anyone else but herself.

When you wrong her, there is always that strong urge to say it over and over and over and yes, over again even ten years later.

Son, I want you to understand that when a woman in your life be it your sister, cousin, mother, girlfriend, wife, whomever decides to keep mumb(remember that urge I told you, yes when she decides to fight it) because of your dumb deeds:she either LOVES YOU extremely or she IS EXTREMELY DONE with you

Win A Doodle! Woo!

Hey, Look! A Writer Fellow!

for YOU

When I posted my first “Win a Doodle!” contest last year, my motives were simple: I didn’t have a post but I still wanted to post something. I figured that maybe a dozen blog followers would enter. Instead, the comments section went nutty. I was bewildered.

So I did the doodle contest thing a few months later – and that turnout was even nuttier.

It’s been a quite a while since my last doodle contest — and a few of you rabble rousers won’t let me forget it. I have been harassed! Harangued! Badgered! Bullied!

And, like France on the eve of a major war, I have capitulated.

So TAA DAA! Here’s another chance to win your very own doodle!


Yep. It’s true. Need proof? Fine.

Jenion, the winner of the first doodle contest, is an avid cyclist. She asked me to doodle a cyclist. So I did.

Ta daa! Ta daa! (Click to see larger.)


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People valued here

people are valuable.That I’ve learned as a hard lesson.You just cant live without them.Think about it this way you were born among people(who you call family),You grew up besides people(you call them friends),You were taught by people(you call them teachers)….and as at now you hate some of those people(youll call them haters ,i choose to call them disguised friends).Jesus,in the bible says love your enemies and pray for them.we all like to think we think we are self driven,that is partly truebut most of us are driven by the desire to prove to our ‘haters’ we can do it by ourselves.And you think you would be where you are without them??so here is to everyone who loved me for what iam,who inspired me to what i am,who criticized me for what i did and awoke my desire to perfect who i am,who raised me to be beautiful,intelligent and confident,to those whose arms they brought forth to help me muddle through the thick…You may not get this very often but you are truly valued

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Delayed Gratification

at age thirteen my uncle had me help him plant mango trees.Five years later the trees bore their first fruits,i have never been so proud of myself.Five years are the key words don’t get it twisted.Such is the way of delayed gratification:Sacrifice,commitment,hard-work,focus,belief,strength and patience but many are the times we cant stand to wait.We spend and not save,we surrender to desire in exchange for shame and guilt… Art of delayed gratification,trust me it has much more returns.Wait till its the right time.I promise IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

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Two Sundays ago,i had one of those conversations you are half into.I nodded all the way to words i can hardly remember.Then in the end,i guess,he says those vague words that make so little sense,yet prick so hard “pursue your dreams,don’t be scared”

when i was ten years old i wanted to become a pediatric cardiologist,i held on to the dream so dearly until i was seventeen, after the birth of my sister and i knew i would never have the courage to tear open a child’s heart literally and figuratively speaking.My choice of a course to study in the university was based on my dear cousins knowledge of the job market.Ironically i perform exceptionally well in the course.This is my way of living, i find myself in situations,places,gatherings etc. and make the best out of them if that doesn’t work then i get myself out of them.

That conversation however got me talking to me.Are there any dreams i have?If no then what do i live for and if yes what am i doing to achieve them? truthfully i dint get any answers but i made a declaration to me of course,.. i wont be scared to pursue anything i enjoy doing and to begin with ill write,and write fearlessly.No more hidden and torn manuscripts of my thoughts.No more fear of criticism.Yes to pursuing what i love